Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Autonomous Boat: Mayflower

IBM / ProMare - Mayflower 400 ASV

[UPDATE 28.04.2022 - The Mayflower 400 ASV appears to have started a journey across the Atlantic]

IBM and ProMare have teamed up with to create an autonomous boat that is capable of ocean crossing. This, of course, has been already accomplished. This is the next iteration in the development of this technology, and a great way to see how IBM solves this problem

in 2021 the boat attempted to cross from Plymouth, UK to Plymouth, USA. Unfortunately, this attempt had to be aborted due to a mechanical issue (the output exhaust connector failed, which lead to exhaust inside the cabin, eventually affecting the generators efficiency.  stuff happens!).

The boat will attempt the crossing again in the Spring 2022. It is even possible now to connect to the boat to observe the sea-trials. A dashboard has the telemetry from the boat as well as a video feed.


Live view from Mayflower

Video can be found on the Dashboard as well as on IBM's streaming site

ProMare is a not for profit that is "Promoting Marine Research and Exploration". They also have interesting projects such as Ultradeep UAVs and ROVs

[update:  You can find the Mayflower400 ASV at any time using vesselfinder.com]