Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Mojo2 (#19) - Walking! A Compliant Quadruped Walking Robot Dog

Mojo2 is walking!  Much tuning and tweaking is needed to make this type of robot walk. The Compliant Quadrupeds do not have the same knowledge and control of robots like Boston Dynamic's Spot mini.  However, like Mojo2, can be significantly smaller, and fast compared to the size and length of the robot.

Check out the video and Totally Not Evil Robot Army Channel on YouTube:

You may have noticed new Cams that are larger and have new features that allow for easier adjustment of the cable tension. This is done by tying the cable to a washer, which can be placed on screws that can be repositioned.

The larger cams have a significant impact on the ability to lift the knee and foot when moving the leg forward. A the gait or walk was slowed slightly, which also created a little more stability.

Did you notice the heavy power bank has been moved to the underside of the robot. This lowers the center of gravity and ... increases stability.  Stability is the common theme.

Most important is the gait. The gait is a true Lateral Sequence Walk. this means that for more than 50% of the time, the feet are on the ground.  But lateral sequence allows for two of the legs to be in motion at the same time.  I feel this is a good achievement for a DYI - 3D printed robot.

Mojo2 - October 30th 2018

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  1. Good one Doug! I also have 4 legs now, well at-least for the next couple of weeks. So if you have any ideas on making your Mojo to climb stairs, I have discovered indigenous ways to do so!