Sunday, March 3, 2019

Centi (#2) - A Bio-Inspired Centipede Robot


a little more drafting of ideas around the mechanism.  

Draft of the first test
I drafted out a simple test mechanism to see how well the ball rotating in the ball mount would work with the circular motion of a wheel.  Also, the end of the leg would have to fit inside this wheel as well.

Print of the "minimal viable test"

building the Wild Weasel helped me understand how the bearing and gears could be used to transmit the mechanical energy and absorb the weight of the robot.  I think I will mount the main "sprocket" with a bearing.  After all, the weight of the robot will be directly on this wheel. 

In addition, I will need to add some teeth to the sprocket so that it can be turned with a motor. Finally, it is not too soon to start thinking about how this could be made into a modular component where it can be attached to other legs in the Centipede!

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