Monday, May 27, 2019

One Year Anniversary

The Totally Not Evil Robot Army Blog is 1 years old today! (May 27th, 2019)

It has been really nice building robots and writing about it.  I fully plan on continue.

Here are some statistics from the first year:

4 Robots - Mojo - Robot Dog, The Bug, The Wild Weasel, and Centi:

43 Posts

3523 - page hits:
  • 1337 from Israel - due to two massive single hit page crawlers that hit for 600+ and 700+ hits each - robots searching robots I guess?  :)
  • 641 page views from Germany - Where the blog is located.
  • 1545 from the rest of the world.
A few spammers commenting on the blog, trying to place SEO links. - which were mercilessly deleted by the way.

Most references come from, I only recently fixed my links from my YouTube Channel.  And special shout out to Norbert Heinz at for the referrals.

The next year will be in a new "smaller" location for me, and a little added challenge of trying to start a business at the same time. (many of my new robots are virtual, but have ML and AI! ;)

I am looking forward to the next year!
Düsseldorf Doug


  1. Congratulations @Doug! on the 1 year anniversary of your "Not So Evil Robots"