Saturday, March 21, 2020

Milli (#7) - Update: Added Steering and Pede-Wheels

Milli is a bio-inspired robot that uses a single actuator to create standing wave motion.

Update: I have been somewhat distracted (as we all have been with this virus), but here is some progress made.  I have added a forward section of the frame to provide room for a steering mechanism.  For the first prototypes, I will use a set of wheels that can be turned to steer the 'WildWorm' in a new direction. This may look like a traditional vehicle, but all of the motive force propelling the robot will still be from the oscillating standing wave motion.  In order to keep the Millipede motif, the front wheels will be made of little feet!

Here is a CAD view of the current design:
Milli in CAD - Single actuator bio-inspired robot 20MAR2020 (OpenSCAD)

and here is the current printed version:
Milli 3D Printed - Single actuator bio-inspired robot 20MAR2020 

Next steps:

  • build a system to support a servo for steering
  • consider balancing the robot with a 'tail'
  • and it still needs a monster millipede head!


  1. That's a cool robot!
    Would you be willing to share Milli's 3D CAD data?

    1. Thanks!
      Right now the CAD is all in prototype stage. Since the CAD is all in OpenSCAD, I would be willing to discuss it more if you are looking to build one yourself. Trying it yourself is the best way to learn OpenSCAD and Robotics! There are lots of people out there willing to give advice. All the best on your project!