Saturday, August 22, 2020

Robot RoundUp - Mid 2020 Edition

Here are some interesting finds from the internet about Robots of today:

The Totally Not Evil Robot Revolution has Arrived

National Geographic Magazine has an excellent feature read on how robots are entering out lives. It covers many different aspects of the social impacts of robots in work and life. It is a very nice read:  The Robot Revolution has Arrived


Festo continues to amaze with their bio inspired everything!-- in this case a bio mimicked bird, the BionicSwift!

And their Bionic Mobile Assistant:

These robots are starting to look more and more like the helper bots of the future. Tools that assist. Perhaps Festo is becoming a better 'Boston'?

Practicality / Pragmatism:

Continuing on the pragmatic path. Stretch by Hello Robot is also ready to enter the domestic robot market.

Stretch by Hello Robot

And on the not so Totally Not Evil side...  Autonomous Warfare.  :(  Our humanities advancement in the ability to automate everything will always be driven (it seems) by the need to build more effective machines for warfare.  Here is a good video summary by Digital Trends:

Back to the safety net of the economy! Here is a more commercial perspective, In this view point from Forbes Magazine on Where Robotics Are Heading

Finally back to this! - THE SNATCHER!

A team at  the Seoul National University of Science & Technology has developed an ultrafast biomimicry Chameleon Tongue! (article in IEEE) This is a great vision on how robots can snatch packages for robot delivery of our future.  of course in the Totally Not Evil Robot world, it could be used to enhance porch piracy! (gads!)

How could you NOT want a Robot with a 30" Tongue?!?

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