Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Bug (#2) Building a Walking Quadruped - Now in Video!

The "Bug" is now walking!

here is the video on the Totally Not Evil Robot Army Youtube Channel:

The video tells the story of building the robot bug.  you can also find details in the my original post here.

For those interested in the gait, I have created a "Quadruped Crawl" for 2 DoF (Degree of Freedom - servo joints) legged Quadrupeds.
The gait is designed to keep the center of gravity of the robot inside the three legs that are static to the ground.  The key to keeping this balance is to 'tilt' the robot back on the opposite leg that is not moving.  This will create a 'wobble' in the gait, but otherwise provides better success at moving the leg.

If you are interested in learning more about gaits for static quadrupeds with 3 DoF there is a good write up found here on Make Magazine.

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