Monday, July 6, 2020

Tilt! - A Balancing Robot (#2) - Online Inspiration

There are certainly influencers that I am using while developing this idea. Here are links to their videos, libraries, and project pages.

From the Internet:

James Bruton

He is loud and British, but you have to admire his enthusiasm!

OzBot - Red

These are nice robot builds. and good inspiration and guidance.

Of course - this guy's proto-robot army.  From his 2018 blog: Electronics and Robotics.

Open Source Libraries:

I am benefiting from some OpenSource libraries

Jeff Rowberg’s  I2CDev

Brett Beauregard’s  PID Library

More General Inspiration and help:

Homofaciens project page on using Transmissive optical sensors to create DIY servos.

DroneBot Workshop video description of using the MPU-6050.  As well as a nice project page.

This looks pretty detailed too..  kas on the Arduino Forums has a nice long thread on the topic of Balancing Robots.  I certainly liked his disclaimer: 
"I invented nothing
I read A LOT and went by trial and error"

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