Saturday, March 23, 2024

Mojo5 - Moving forward in the design (#5)

In our latest chapter of the Mojo5 saga, we're diving deep into the tangible world of robot building, where every breakthrough is hard-won, and every detail counts. This update is all about the real, hands-on progress we've made since last time, focusing on practical challenges and our solutions.

Here's what we've been up to:

Refining the Yaw Axis: We've successfully printed and assembled the new components that accommodate Mojo5's improved yaw movement. This time around, we're talking about the nuts and bolts—literally. Using 30mm M3 screws, to provide the Axis for the Yaw. Now, it is important to consider the build order as the 30mm bolt is added through the servo mount to the yaw frame. The locking nuts and Yaw Gear have to be added before passing through the frame.

Mojo5 - New 3rd Axis added to design

In the photo you can see the original paper sketch, and the 3D printed version. The previous post has the openSCAD version.

Putting Strength to the Test: We didn't stop at design improvements. To really see what Mojo5 can handle, we added a 370g load to its leg. It's essential for us to keep testing the limits and capabilities of our design, especially when it comes to real-world functionality. You can catch this test in action on our YouTube channel , where we've captured the whole process.

Streamlining the Design: while always on iterating the next improvement, we've started to pare down Mojo5, removing unnecessary parts and integrating a smaller Abductor Servo. This step might seem like we're taking things away, but in reality, we're optimizing for efficiency and performance. Sometimes the best part is the part you leave out - Engineering saying.

Mojo5 - The next iteration, removing un-required structure

Looking Back and Charging Ahead

These updates are more than just progress; they're a testament to the iterative nature of building robots. Each step, whether it's a new screw or a test under load, teaches us something vital about our design and its possibilities.

And as we dive into refining Mojo5 further, removing the extraneous and focusing on what truly matters, we're reminded of the essence of hobby robotics: it's a journey of constant learning, adjusting, and, most importantly, enjoying the process.

We Want to Hear From You

Your thoughts, feedback, and ideas have been incredibly valuable throughout this project. As we continue to navigate the complexities and joys of robot building, we're eager to hear more from you. What challenges have you faced in your projects? How do you approach problem-solving and iteration?

Let's keep the conversation going. Stay tuned for more updates as we push forward, one prototype at a time.

Catch you in the next post!

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