Sunday, March 3, 2024

Mojo5 - Testing the Leg Design (#3)

Mojo5 Leg Design Test Setup
Mojo5 - Leg Design Test setup

It has been a few months since had some focus on this robot. As a stalled project, it always sits in the back of your head. The next task was to test the configuration to see if this design would be strong enough to lift its own weight in addition to the additional weight of the robot - Chassis, controller, battery, etc.

This weekend, I had a clear desk and I set up the test stand - which failed immediately, snapping my quick clamp with a loud snap. After some time, it occurred to me that I could have the 'chopsticks' extend out in two directions and this would be sufficient to test. Voila!

The robot Leg design with its cam and push rods was easily able to lift 450g + in addition to its own weight. I could not easily strap any additional weight to it. But, I am quite satisfied with this amount of payload for the moment!

Hey - did you notice I am using a Champagne Cork for the foot! :)

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