Saturday, June 16, 2018

Mojo - A Compliant Quadruped Robot (#5) - Standing room only

Mojo's leg parts seem to be working well enough.  The legs are light enough to be lifted, which was a concern (see the video).  And the linkages are close to the correct placement.  There is still a lot of revision work needed, But now it was time to put it all together and see how it stands!  :)

And, it stands well (enough!).  All the linkages in the right places it can stand on its own with out falling over - how is that for minimal viable product.

The Chassis here is actually my second draft.  I had not realized my 3D printer would be able to bridge the distances so well.  A friend from the meetup group (thx Rainer!) suggested it would be no problem, and sure enough, it prints very well.  My only surprise in this version was that the algorithm I wrote for printing out the servo posts ended up aligning two in the exact same place. In my rush to print, I didn't realize this until I was counting posts when attaching the servos!  opps!  but, I know that there is an other iteration needed anyway to better space the Cams for the knees and I need a place to put the PCA9685 servo controller and Arduino (not to mention batteries etc.) 

So, even with out all the servos this iteration of the Prototype looks great.  Now I will wire up the arduino again and see how it handles the motion!  

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