Friday, August 13, 2021

Gearboxes for Recycled Printer Motors (video)

 For those interested in making Gearboxes for Recycled Printer motors.  I have posted a video on my YouTube Channel that shows the asseymbly of the gearbox. Unfortunatly, it is not an instructional video, but it does show how to build it.

Monday, August 9, 2021

Tilt! - A Self Balancing Robot (#8) - New Gearbox for Motor and Wheels


A new gearbox for the self balancing robot.

The reuse of the pulley system is not working on the robot. Therefore, I started the whole gearbox design for recycled printer motors.  Now that there is a somewhat functional gearbox, it is time to return to Tilt! and see how the gearbox can be applied.

Here are the parts!  Now, just Engineer a new Motor mount and Wheel assembly!  

Engineer That!

New Motor Gearboxes layout with the old mounting brackets

Rough draft started - the concept of the new mounting system will be similar to the previous design iteration. Now, instead of using pulleys on a wheel with an axel, the axel will be directly part of the output shaft of the gearbox.  There will be a single 22mm bearing to take the load/weight of the robot instead of transmitting that to the gearbox/motor.

New Motor mount and gearbox

The New motor mount is wider than the original chassis and will fit 'around' the existing battery box. This frame will take use of the 1cm holes to allow for easy modular construction.  The gearbox, has new brackets so that it can be screwed to the new mount.  The old wheels are reusable, I will have a friction dependent plug that sets in the hub of the wheel and securely fits the output shaft of the gearbox.

Tilt with new 3D printed Gearbox - more Torque, less speed

NEXT:  Look for the new video showing the assembly of the gearbox. This is not a full instructional video, but does show how a simple gearbox can be 3D printed to allow for the use of recycled printer motors in robot construction.