Sunday, July 15, 2018

Mojo (#9) - Walking on Air - A Compliant Quadruped Robot

Mojo is walking on air! 

I started writing the code to get all of the servos moving. After some initial "lean" and "kneel" movement, I created the first walk sequence.

Simple walk, is anything but simple - this is going to be where the challenge really starts. To best understand this, read the wikipedia article on "Gait".  There are many factors to consider in creating a stable gait. So I knew the first one will be the hardest. It will be a few iterations before I can get something stable.

For my first motion test, I am going with a basic trot. In this case, I am moving the Right Front (RF), and Left Hind (LH) simultaneously.  So RF-LH are pared, a LF-RH are paired. A single stride is divided into four quadrants where the leg rises half the time and moves backward half the time. On the rise, the knee joint is quickly raised and released.

The video above show the motion in the air.  The video NOT shown, shows mojo falling down like a drunk! :)  at least not yet...

Top View of Mojo

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