Saturday, March 9, 2019

Centi (#3) - The next iteration of design

The bio-inspired multi-leg walking robot!

It seemed that the main sprocket is capable of turning the chopstick legs, and the ball & socket were going to work.  This is the working theory, i will not be able to test a load on them until much later in the development.

The next iteration of the design of the motion mechanism was to start to incorporate a gear into the drive in order to turn the sprocket.  I did a number of changes in the CAD design.  I increased the size of the frame (height) and added M3 holes on the sides.  I updated the socket top to take recycled torx screws from a printer. 

Centipede next iteration of design

For the main design, I have added a 22x7mm skateboard bearing (red) to take the load of the leg (also red) and provide rotation. I extended the cam shaft to hold a gear.  Most important, I designed two gears, one to turn the sprocket, and the other to drive that cam gear.

Close up

The new print has noted improvements. Also, a number of issues that will have to be tweaked in the next iteration

Full View, new iteration on the left, original prototype on the right. 
 Together, the assembly will start to look like 1/3 of the walking mechanism.

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