Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Milli (#4) - Prototyping the Wild Worm Drive (New Video)

The Milli project is an effort to build a bio-inspired (math inspired?) robot capable of traversing surfaces that are problematic to other robots (such as loose gravel, shag carpet, and muddy bogs, etc).  And to make it look really cool. ;)

The results of the 2nd prototype are much improved, you can see from the video that the prototype has the correct motion and considerably less friction.

Currently, I have printed 23 links in the track tread.  There is an additional load to rotate the helix, but applying additional voltage the motor resulted in enough torque to spin the helix. (at 18V it is very quick).

Next steps will be to create a rear stabilizer to dampen the effects of the spinning helix.

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