Saturday, May 29, 2021

Three Year Anniversary

As of May 27th, this Totally Not Evil Robot Army Blog, is three years old.

in the last 12 months, the blog has had over 31,000 views. and for all time about 45,000. Perhaps the global lockdowns have created a few more page hits. This year, over 50% of the page hits have come from Hong Kong, and another 10% from Indonesia. Perhaps a new robot hot spot?

It is clear that many russian website have been linked to mine. They are trying to create a web of references to increase the search engine optimization for their own customers pages.  However, I delete these messages as soon as they arrive, but that does not keep the internet-troll-robots from linking to me.

There are now ~80 blog posts on the record. The most popular pages are still related to Mojo the robot dog. Specifically, the discussion on alternative leg designs. I am hoping someone can make some good use out of this.

For the past year, the focus has been on two robot designs.  Tilt! is a balancing robot and Milli is a millipede robot with a special metachronal rhythm. Like most of my robots, i run through multiple design iterations, typically leaving projects open for future insight or development. This is certainly true with the last robots. Tilt! does actually work, but is not stable (ha ha) due to belt slippage. And Milli or WildWorm is also working but has some torque issues.  Both robots will use my new gear box design and portable power.

Sprinkled in with the robot development is some observations from the internets and humor where it can be found.  Enjoy and let me know what you think in the comments.


Düsseldorf Doug

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