Sunday, September 11, 2022

Runner Robot (#1)

I am search of a fast running quadruped (so that I can compete in the Toulouse Robot Races).  I am considering this running mechanism and driving it with a single brushed motor.

This mechanism has worked or others in scholarly papers. I am doing a number of modifications to try to get it to work in a quadruped format.

Robot Runner - Robot leg mechanism

My initial prototype has provided a feasible solution. The mechanism should be able to provide a good profile for walking. I have added some compliancy to provide additional ground contact. From the picutre you can see some of the lengths I have tried for the various linkages. By adjusting these lengths, you can change the step profile.  A profile that has enough rise, and forward movement is desired.

Here is a video of the movements:

The mechanism works well enough in a 2-D plane. This also could have been simulated in programs like Algodoo.  

Next is a tricky issue, the robot will encounter a lot of side loads. Now the mechanism must be designed to reduce the stress of the sideload and transfer (as much as possible) to the chassis of the robot. The image below shows how 'skinny' the "2-D prototype" was.

Side view of the Running mechanism

Follow along to see the progress!

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