Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Mojo5 - Rethinking for the Yaw (#4)

Hey everyone! Diving into the heart of our Mojo5 robot project, we’ve hit that exhilarating moment where stepping forward means transforming everything from the ground up. Realizing this early in the prototyping phase? Priceless.

In this fourth installment, we’re rolling out the 'Yaw' – and yes, for our savvy crew following along, that's our latest dive into giving our robot an extra degree of freedom. This isn't just any move; it's what will let our robot's foot pivot with finesse, moving in and out from under the hip, enhancing its agility.

Mojo5 "yaw" mount around servos mount

Our solution? Introducing a lateral axis by creatively engineering a yaw mount that wraps around our existing servo setup. For those of you who’ve been with us, you know the servos and mounts are already pushing our size limits. So, in a stroke of insight, we decided to rotate the entire servo mount by 90 degrees. It’s a straightforward yet revolutionary tweak that cuts through our design challenges, though it does mean we’ve got our work cut out for us updating the OpenSCAD code. But, considering we're still early in the design phase, it's the perfect time for such ambitious changes.

Working in the CAD system really shines here, allowing us to simulate and verify our modifications in real-time. We managed to dial in the yaw movement to achieve +30 and -30 degrees of motion by adjusting just one variable. It’s clear, though, we’re not done iterating; we’ll need to push beyond these angles for the mobility we’re aiming for.

Mojo5: Yaw at +30 degrees

Figure: Yaw at -30 degrees

These figures highlight not just the potential of our design but the iterative nature of robotics itself. While 'Yaw' may be our current terminology, it's the concept and the progress that truly matter.

As we navigate through these updates, your insights and enthusiasm fuel this journey. The path of rapid prototyping is fraught with revisions, but each step brings us closer to realizing the full capabilities of our Mojo5. Stay tuned for the next leap forward!

Note: the correct term for "yaw" would likely be abduction and adduction:

  • Abduction is the movement away from the central axis of the body or, in this case, moving the leg outward from the body's midline.
  • Adduction is the movement towards the body’s central axis or moving the leg inward toward the body's midline.

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