Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Mojo2 (#16) - First Tests Walking Backwards!

If walking backwards was the goal...  Success!!  :)

A busy day working on the robot!  All the parts are printed and assembled.  Now it is in the tuning, adjustments, and fixes.  and TESTING!
Mojo2 - parts in place
 and wired up with servo driver, battery, and Arduino mini pro - microcontroller

Mojo2 - wired and ready to test
Testing was another story. obvious tuning needed. The cables still coming off of the cam, although more reliable than before.  Stability an issue, but it walks!  -- just backward!!

Part of the mystery around why Mojo2 is walking backwards would have to do with the balance of the robot.  In the below picture you can see the positions of the 4 "paws" and legs in comparison to the frame of the robot.  Clearly, the support are well behind the center of gravity.  Thus the need for my hand to provide additional tipping support.
Paw positions indicate balance issues

This may be combined with the gait itself, that is very quick to move the legs to the forward position. This quick motion seems to be have a greater effect on the over all motion vs. the regular step that is at 1/2 of the speed.  It would also be important to consider the amount of ground contact by the feet.

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