Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Mojo2 (#17) - Walking Trials Continue

The walking trials of Mojo 2.0 are continuing...

It was evident that the lack of balance of the robot was due to the starting leg positions being too far back, creating a tilt forward from the lack of support for the center of gravity.  This could be addressed by changing the starting angles forward.  

Stability could also be increase by elongating the robot.  Luckily, the mojo2 design provides for just that capability. A spacer of 35 mm was added to the waist of the robot.

New "longer" Mojo2

with the new longer version, it was possible to start it walking.  During the trials, the robot fell over on it's side and broke a "hip".  This part was known to be an issue as it was printed with a clogged 3D printer nozzle.  Luckily, it only required 45 min to print a new hip, and about 15 min to replace it.

Broken Hip

once back together the gait examination continued...  it became clear that Mojo2 was walking backwards - because it was programmed too!  :0

The coding has be reworked and the servos reconfigured.  Mojo is soon to be walking forward, I will have video in the near future. paw stability is now the biggest issue.  more to come!

Mojo 2.0 - A Compliant Quadruped Walking Robot "Dog"

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